GREEN BRANDS are brands that have been honored with the GREEN BRANDS SEAL which make a major contribution to the environment. They have either made good on their promise of sustainability, or they have realized the need to explore new paths with regard to environmental and sustainable corporate management.


GREEN BRANDS behave environmentally friendly, they take action towards the conservation of natural resources, and they commit themselves, whole-heartedly, to the preservation and balance of nature.


GREEN BRANDS are characterized by the following ecological and sustainable business practices:


saving energy, reducing or avoiding CO2 emissions and any emissions of other polluting substances, reducing and avoiding waste, protecting and conserving natural resources, protecting natural habitats, using alternative energy sources, training employees regarding environmental protection and sustainability, producing food and pharmaceutical products in accordance with strict biological/ecological criteria, informing consumers on measures regarding how the emission of greenhouse gases can be reduced with the help of their respective products, publishing information proving the environmental commitment of the company as part of their corporate mission.