Nomination – the first step towards being honored as a GREEN BRAND

Market Research:

In cooperation with renowned market research institute Ipsos, prospective recipients of the GREEN BRANDS SEAL will be judged in over 60 categories in order to determine which among them are truly “green brands”.




Many small and medium-sized companies have committed themselves to an ecological ideology and have fully manifested that ideology into daily business practices. However, due to a “low” level of brand management, these companies are less recognized by the consumer. That is why the nomination by NGOs or interest groups is particularly valuable.

Media Partners:

Our media partners make nominations utilizing their own special evaluation process.




Certainly, jury members are also able to make nominations.
This helps to ensure that small and medium-sized companies – ones that have truly implemented the GREEN BRANDS philosophy – have as much of a chance of being honored as the larger companies.




Honored brands know what it takes, better than most, to win a GREEN BRANDS SEAL and, because of this, may also make nominations.

Validation – the core of proceeding

Companies nominated for a GREEN BRANDS SEAL will be invited to take part in the validation process. If a company chooses to participate, they will first receive a series of questionnaires that have been developed in collaboration with the international sustainable research institute SERI (Vienna) and ALLPLAN, an independent consulting company for environmental protection and sustainability.

* After careful evaluation of the filled-out questionnaires, a company’s level on the GREEN BRANDS INDEX is determined. Only upon reaching or exceeding the benchmark score of 51% will a company be eligible to be honored as a GREEN BRAND and receive the GREEN BRANDS SEAL. Final decision is held by the Jury.

* All participants will receive their individual evaluation data and ratings.

Jury – the supreme authority

All companies roughly reaching or clearly exceeding the stipulated level of the GREEN BRANDS INDEX are presented to the jury for final decision-making.

The jury has a final right of veto and it can agree to accept or reject a company being honored as a GREEN BRAND. This means that even if a company has reached the required level on the INDEX it can still be assessed negatively by the jury. On the other hand, companies that do not quite reach the required level can be assessed positively by the jury. In both these cases, the most current developments and projects of the respective companies will be the determining factor.

You can find more information on both the process and current jury members for each country under the section “WHERE”.