Companies honored with the GREEN BRANDS SEAL receive the following advantages:


  • Increased reputation among current customers


  • Enhanced acquisition of new customers


  • Improved global image


  • Reduction of operating costs


  • Boosted employee morale


  • Distinction from competitors


  • Proof of dedication to environmental sustainability and awareness


The GREEN BRANDS SEAL is the official representation of an honored brand’s proven dedication to ecological sustainability.


Only honored brands, those companies that have successfully passed our meticulous and extensive validation process, will receive the GREEN BRANDS SEAL. The SEAL is valid for two years.


After two years, honored brands may elect to go through our re-validation process and, if successful, will receive the SEAL featuring a star. The star is indicative of a company’s ongoing dedication to staying GREEN.


Note: The SEAL, which is protected by patent in over 30 countries, may only be used once the honored brand receives official written confirmation.


In each country, the SEAL is awarded every two years. The following SEALS have been awarded so far:

























Each honored brand receives an official certificate confirming that they have been awarded with the GREEN BRANDS SEAL. The certificate grants recipients the right to use the SEAL for the duration of two years. It should be noted that the award ceremony, in which the certificate is presented, is a wonderful opportunity for honored brands to first display their achievement to the media.

Here are examples of certificates that have already been presented:

Upon completion of our two-year validation process, all honored brands will be featured in an exclusive GREEN BRANDS book.

The production of this book is entirely climate neutral. Only resource-conserving products are used.

The GREEN BRANDS book is sold through book stores, environmental associations, media partners, and directly through the GREEN BRANDS website. In addition, the book will be sent to market-research organizations, press agencies, chambers of commerce, ministries, universities, libraries, and selected managers of marketing and advertising agencies completely free of charge.

All honored brands will receive copies of the book — a fantastic tool for internal and external communication! Upon request, the book can be produced with a cover individually tailored to a company’s design.


The third book of GREEN BRANDS Austria 2016 was presented and published on the occasion of the Gala event in Vienna on 28.11.2016.

You may also order the book directly via GREEN BRANDS for 35.00 € incl. postage.  Please contact us per e-mail:


As a special bonus, you may peruse the Germany 17 book in eBook format here!



The third book of GREEN BRANDS Germany 2017 was presented and published on the occasion of the Gala event in Frankfurt on 13.11.2017.

You may also order the book directly via GREEN BRANDS for 35.00 € incl. postage.  Please contact us per e-mail:


As a special bonus, you may peruse the Germany 17 book in eBook format here!



The culmination of our two-year validation process is the TRIBUTE EVENT. At the event representatives of the honored brands are brought up on stage and presented with the GREEN BRANDS seal. In addition, GREEN BRANDS will hand out “Personality of the Year” awards for each respective country.


The highlight of the evening is the presentation of the GREEN BRANDS “Special Award” from our media partners. It is through our partners, we believe, that our consumers have a more direct and personal choice.


The TRIBUTE EVENT is a great opportunity for networking with guests from the worlds of environmentalism, economics, politics, and media.


The media attention is immense. The event will be advertised across multiple platforms ensuring that the public is informed that the brands being honored are GREEN BRANDS — committed to ecological sustainability and climate protection.

The event will take place under ecological conditions, i. e. in a climate neutral way.

GREEN BRANDS works strategically with its media partners to build a global media presence and high-degree of consumer awareness.

Our media partners:







The GREEN BRANDS validation process was designed to weed out any weak points, in regards to environmental practices, that a company might have and bring to light any changes in operations and production processes they must make. It should be noted that our findings often result in a significant reduction of operating and production costs.


Companies will be given the opportunity to develop ways to improve their level on the GREEN BRANDS INDEX via our training seminars and workshops which are offered by an independent consulting agency for climate protection and sustainability.


These seminars and workshops are available to both companies that have been honored as a GREEN BRAND and, more specifically, companies which have not yet reached a sufficient level on the GREEN BRANDS INDEX. Companies are to be fully supported in extending their efforts in the field of environmental protection and sustainability in order to qualify for the GREEN BRAND award. Through our special training, companies may improve their level on the index.


These offers are optional and will be arranged according to an individual company’s requirements and feedback.


Examples of seal-use